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We have our own little Gallery at Minna-Mosfell Guesthouse where we offer art, crafts and hand knittet woolstuff (see beolow) Why not take home memories from Minna-Mosfell, a souvenir from Iceland or little gifts made by the locals. Below are some of the items we have in the Gallery.

Made by Authentic Icelandic Grandma

Authentic knitted sweaters, gloves, socks and more - made by Authentic Icelandic Grandma. Perfect for everyone! The items are sold in Minna-Gallery where you can see if they fit, and you can get more info if you send us an e-mail: booking[at]

Very horsey

Large 20.000ISK

Dalsbú sheep

Provide wool

Black and white decor

Medium-Large 20.000ISK

Brown decor

Medium-Large 20.000ISK

Volcano Iceberg

Medium-Large 20.000ISK

Happy flowers

Medium 20.000ISK

Blue buttons

Medium with buttons 23.000ISK

Minna-Mosfell sheep

They provide wool

Green grín

Medium-Large 20.000ISK

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